Your turnkey mid-term rental operator of the modern age

Guesthouse offers a comprehensive turnkey hospitality management solution that encompasses every aspect, from property acquisitions to build-out and daily operations. We collaborate closely with landlords to expand and diversify their real estate portfolio while maximizing returns through optimized strategies.

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Our fully-integrated technology & hospitality infrastructure can diversify your rental portfolio.

Hospitality consulting for managers and investors

Interior design & decorating for managers and investors

Full-service design and management for investors

Our level of involvement


Full-Service Management

Our full-service hospitality management and operations service takes the hassle out of managing a hospitality property. Our end-to-end services include property management, revenue management, marketing, member services, and in-house maintenance and housekeeping.

Design & Development

Our industry-leading design studio balances the art and science of understanding behavior to create both functional and visually appealing residences that stand out in the competitive rental market. From space planning to mood boards and fixture selection, color schemes, and material procurement.

Furnishing & Decorating

Our design studio also offers decorating services which are aimed at adorning residences with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic and functionality. From mood board to furniture planning and selection, purchasing, logistics and installation of fixtures.

Hospitality Consulting

Our team provides comprehensive hospitality consulting services to help turn your investment property into a profitable hospitality rental. From pricing strategy to  marketing channels, cleaning and inventory checklists, and crafting a memorable guest experience that encourages repeat visits.

Our Differentiators

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Higher NOI, passive income

Our mission is to make hospitality rentals easier and more profitable to own. Our robust hospitality system and experienced team consistently delivers +2x higher NOI than other hospitality management companies.

Adaptable to any property

We work with real estate partners from large private equity firms to first-time landlords, and we consistently add value to properties ranging from multifamily assetsto single-family properties.

Strong brand following

Our discerning member base includes a waitlist of over 10,000 members and 2,000 active members. Along with our network of corporate partners, our brand following enables us to rapidly stabilize and achieve maximum profitability.

Full-service model

Our full-service model is not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. By eliminating the need to outsource and manage various vendors, we streamline the entire process and ensure a seamless operation giving you time to focus on what matters.

A look inside the process



We will assess your current asset(s), gathering relevant information to determine feasibility, timeline, and provide clear next steps.



We will conduct a thorough evaluation of the property's market potential before presenting a preliminary partnership proposal.



Outline the financial details and level of services required, including the scope of work, pricing, and timelines to secure a partnership agreement.



Formalize the partnership and establish the terms and conditions of the design and hospitality management services.



Launch the implementation of the agreed-upon scope of work and set expectations for timelines and deliverables.

Case Study

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What our partners have to say

"Working with Guesthouse has guided me in strategically diversifying my portfolio to tap into different markets. Their knowledge and support have been instrumental in breaking into the hospitality industry."

David Z.

"Partnering with Guesthouse has allowed me to diversify my rental portfolio and maximize my returns. Their expertise in identifying and managing various types of properties has expanded my opportunity for revenue generation."

Colin M.

"Guesthouse exceeded my expectations with their interior design approach, marketing strategies, and overall operations. I highly recommend them for reliable hospitality management services."

Laura K.

"Working with Shane and Gabriela has been amazing. They did an exceptional job at designing my units and appreciate how thorough and diligent they are. Their prompt communication and excellent customer service make them an invaluable partner."

Chris W.

“We've had the pleasure of working with the Guesthouse team. Alex does a phenomenal job to ensure we are updated on all relevant information and have exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

Mike H.

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