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After launching the first residence concept in Brooklyn, NY in 2018, Guesthouse has grown into a collection of artfully-designed and curated residences inspired by the originality of the communities and scenes that surrounds us. Each residence is designed to feel minimal yet functional, familiar and welcoming — like a home that was created with you in mind.


Our Why

Guesthouse is a part of a larger umbrella that's reshaping the hospitality industry. From operations management to design and development services, we are bridging the gap between functionality, inspiration, and the human experience. Our why is to create unforgettable member experiences while contributing and collaborating with our local community. Comfort and connection are found in the simplicity and intentionality of our design, and that’s exactly where we want to take you.

Our Purpose

At Guesthouse, we believe in the importance of human connection. From our team to our partners and emerging local artists, building relationships with like-minded individuals, including our members, is at the heart of our philosophy. Through our residences, furnishings, and the stories behind them, we invite you on an inspirational journey. Through Guesthouse, you are joining a larger collective where art and creativity thrive, and each member contributes to something greater.

Impact Approach

We are not only building for the future, we are creating it. Because of this, we understand the responsibility of our impact: economically, socially, racially, and environmentally. From identifying product partners who prioritize their sustainability practices for a better environment, working with vendors who emphasize their ethical practices for a more conscious and just future, and identifying and supporting emerging local artists who identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, Native American/Native Hawaiian, and LGBTQIA+. We believe that impact is building something bigger than ourselves.

Looking Forward

We are not a startup or a corporation. We are a local business with a handful of investors who helped make our vision a reality. You won't find our brand plastered on billboards or social media because we believe our work sells itself. Because of this, we solely rely on our reputation for word-of-mouth and organic referrals to grow our business. If you or someone you know are interested in collaborating, working, investing, or chatting with us, we'd love to hear from you. Big things are on the horizon. The best is yet to come.


Our Team

Guesthouse was founded by Gabriela Chapa and Shane V. Charles with a vision to create  unforgettable experiences that foster culture and community. Through functional design, local inspiration, and human stories, we like to think that Guesthouse is a brand that's redefining the hospitality industry.

Our talented team members have extensive backgrounds and experience at globally-renowned hospitality and real estate companies.

Our Team

Gabriela Chapa (she/her)
Co-Founder & CEO

Gabriela is a serial entrepreneur excelling in multifamily asset repositioning, with involvement in development and acquisition with Brookfield Properties and recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Shane V. Charles (she/her)
Co-Founder & COO

Shane is a highly regarded hospitality expert, recognized for her outstanding leadership contributions to renowned brands like 1 Hotel and Soho House, and recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Alex Del Rae (he/him)
Head of Operations

Alex leverages his experience from renowned companies including Four Seasons Hotel and Remedy Place to drive operational excellence for an exceptional member and partner experience.

Karen Cruz (she/her)
Member Coordinator

Karen Cruz is a skilled Member Coordinator at Guesthouse, where she seamlessly integrates her expertise into the local operations in Los Angeles, overseeing member experience and residence management.

What is the best way to make a reservation?

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free reservation experience, we recommend reserving directly through the 'Residence' tab.

Do you allow pets in the residence?

Yes, all Guesthouse residences are pet-friendly. Our Pet Policy includes a maximum of 2 pets.

Can I schedule a tour of the residence before reserving?

For residences without existing reservations, we can arrange a residence tour. However, for residences with current reservations, we are unable to accommodate tours in order to respect the privacy of our members.

What is the arrival process?

We approach arrivals differently. You will be welcomed by our membership team who will assist navigating you through the residence and helping carry your belongings.

When and how do I pay?

The first month's payment is required to confirm your reservation and secure your desired calendar dates.

What is the shortest reservation you accomondate?

Our minimum reservation length is 30 days.

What does the residence come equipped with?

Every residence at Guesthouse is thoughtfully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, and a luxury DreamCloud mattress with premium linens in each bedroom and bathroom. We prioritize functionality in the design process of every residence, ensuring that your experience is both familiar and enjoyable.

How do I become a featured Artist with Guesthouse?

At Guesthouse, we take great care in curating our collection of local artists showcased both within our residences and on our dedicated "Artist" page. However, our commitment to supporting the arts extends beyond our current selection, as we are constantly seeking new talent collaborations. If you are interested in joining the waitlist, please select the 'Artist' tab at the top of the page and submit a inquiry form.

Do you offer housekeeping services?

In addition to our complimentary monthly cleaning sessions, we offer the flexibility to add-on weekly sessions. Please contact our membership team, and we will take care of the arrangement for you.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Please contact our membership team at membership@guest-house.co to discuss your options.

When can I arrive to my residence?

For direct reservations, we offer the flexibility to choose your arrival time between 8 AM-10 PM PST. Please contact our membership team at least 72 hours in-advance to confirm your desired arrival time. For non-direct reservations, the standard arrival window is between 4 PM-10 PM PST.

What is the departure time from the residence?

Our standard departure time is 11 AM PST. If you would like to inquire about a later departure time, please reach out to our membership team at least 72 hours in-advance to see if we are able to accommodate your request. Accommodating an extended departure request is based on availability and may include additional fees.

Is there parking included with my reservation?

Our parking terms vary per residence. Please refer to the residence description or contact our membership team to confirm the parking arrangement.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

We appreciate being recognized as a preferred partner by each corporate partner we collaborate with. If you believe that your team members would benefit from joining the Guesthouse community, please reach out to us at corporate@guest-house.co.

We would love to Hear from you

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